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Welcome new faculty and staff!

September 11, 2017

As a new academic year – and a new era – begins at NIU, the university is rolling out the welcome wagon for several new faculty and staff.

The roster includes more than 50 new faculty and nearly three dozen staff, all of whom are now part of the university’s goal to boost enrollment and address challenging fiscal conditions.

“The strength of NIU is from the bottom up, and not the top down,” Acting President Lisa Freeman said this summer. “That means that our best ideas come from staff and faculty and always have, and we in leadership need to listen very carefully and actively to them. My administration will cultivate and actively seek the best ideas and thinking from everyone on campus.”

New Faculty

Name Department
Christina Abreu Center for Latino & Latin American Studies
Natalie Andzik Special and Early Education
Nicole Bettin Physical Therapy
Clayton Camic Kinesiology & Physical Education
Russ Carter Physical Therapy
Carliss Chatman Law
Marcia Cooke Nursing
Christine D’Alexander Music
Fatih Demir Educational Technology, Research, and Assessment
Danko Drusko Music
Josephine Ebomoyi Health Studies
Christopher Einolf Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies
Hasan Ferdowsi Electrical Engineering
Melissa Fickling Counseling, Adult & Higher Education
Sarah Fox Law
Victor Gensini Meteorology
Aarie Glas Political Science
Barbara Gonzalez Statistics
Thao Griffith Nursing
Eric Hall History
Jim Heyland Operations Management & Information Systems
Mary Hintzsche Nursing
Xiaodan Hu Counseling, Adult & Higher Education
Candice Hux Accountancy
Joe Insley Art & Design
Dana Isawi Counseling, Adult & Higher Education
Jenn Jacobs Kinesiology & Physical Education
Jaehee Jong Public Administration
Dongho Kim Educational Technology, Research, and Assessment
Colin Kuehl Political Science
Wei Li Electrical Engineering
Haiying Lin Management
Kathryn Mazurek Health Studies
Lindsey Munguia Nursing
Martin Ndicu Accountancy
Cynthia Nelson Health Studies
Irina Nesterova Chemistry & Biochemistry
Karl Nilsen Military Science
Dan Oest Leadership, Educational Psychology & Foundations
Nancy Petges Nursing
Charles Pudrith Allied Health & Communicative Disorders
Nan Qin Finance
Eunju Rho Public Administration
Heather Roller Biological Sciences
Maybell Romero Law
Claire Schaeperkoetter Kinesiology & Physical Education
Emerson Sebastião Kinesiology & Physical Education
Phillip Sink Music
Bobby Sinko Mechanical Engineering
Jifu Tan Mechanical Engineering
Mahdi Vaezi Engineering Technology
Agesilaos Vasilopoulis Health Studies
Melanie Walski Curriculum & Instruction
Ying Wang Operations Management & Information Systems
Christopher Young Military Science
Noel Ysasi Allied Health & Communicative Disorders
Shupei Yuan Communication

New Staff

Name Department
Alicia Anderson Education
Anne Apple Law
Ethan Argueta Jr. Public Safety
Frederick Barnhart Libraries
Antonette Bourn Housing & Residential Services
Collin Bruning Convocation Center/Intercollegiate Athletics
Jordan Burko Counseling & Consultation Services
Tony Calderala Education
Marcelo Campolina Intercollegiate Athletics
Jaclyn  Cuff Lorado Taft
Katherine Dolan Campus Child Care
Claire Duvall Educational Technology Research and Assessment
Noca Ervin College of Business
TJ  Feuerbach Intercollegiate Athletics
Eddie Garza Intercollegiate Athletics
Teri Gensler College of Business
Virginia Guzman Human Resource Services
Teresa Harrington Holmes Student Center
Jayne Holley Alumni Relations
Ray Jackson Gift Planning
Nick Jones Engineering & Engineering Technology
Jeremy Jorgensen Public Safety
Maria Kasza Intercollegiate Athletics
Bethany Kautz Lorado Taft
Pulchratia Kinney-Smith Human Resource Services
Derrick Lander Infrastructure Services
Elsa Litecky Lorado Taft
Darryl Lockett Human Resource Services
Ryan Lowe Law
Sarah Lyons Nursing
Alex McAnally Campus Child Care
Liz McKee Alumni Relations
Melissa Meinen Counseling & Consultation Services
Brandace Merritt Allied Health & Communicative Disorders
Kimberly Miller Development Operations
Daniel Miller Public Safety
Nancy Newman Health Studies
Donald Peterson Engineering & Engineering Technology
Alex Pitner Student Involvement & Leadership Development
Christopher Poole Communication
Sarah Prescott Libraries
Quinn Rear Intercollegiate Athletics
Sydney Riebe Allied Health & Communicative Disorders
Maxine Rohde Counseling & Consultation Services
Genesis Rue Housing & Residential Services
Elina Savoie Housing & Residential Services
Chris Smith Housing & Residential Services
Donna Walker Housing & Residential Services
Brandon Watkins Intercollegiate Athletics
Cori Wild Department of Management
Tom West Housing & Residential Services