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Visitor permits available online and at pay stations

July 6, 2017

Visitor permits can be purchased online at It’s easy, just click on the large button that says “Visitor – Purchase a daily or single use permit”, agree to the terms of service and choose a daily or weekly visitor permit. Follow the tabs through the ordering process and at the finish line you’ll be able to print your visitor parking permit to be displayed in your vehicle. Please make sure to follow the instructions carefully in order to avoid a parking violation.

There are three pay stations on campus.  They are located in Lot 15E, Campus Recreation Center, Lot 5, Campus Life Building and Lot 2, Anderson Hall.  The pay stations give you the ability to purchase a daily permit for $5.  This permit will expire after 24 hours from time of purchase.  The receipt will need to be displayed in your vehicle.  Place the receipt face up on the dashboard, passenger side.  This purchase will allow you to park in any lot on campus.  It does not cover reserve spaces, handicap spaces, no parking zones and meters/pay stations.

For more information on visitor parking please visit