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Connect new students to your mentoring program

June 23, 2017

First- and Second-Year Experience (FSYE) has collaborated with several others to provide a website offering NIU mentor program information in one place.

Kelly Smith, director of FSYE explains, “There are so many exceptional mentorship opportunities available at NIU. Having a website like is effective when the information is up-to-date, and students, faculty and staff know about it. Connecting new students to these programs and, more importantly, the amazing people that serve as mentors is what this effort is about.”

FSYE staff has been contacting mentor program coordinators listed on the NIU Mentor
to keep the information current.  Additionally, it has worked with several program coordinators to add their program information to a campus-wide mentorship survey, called MentorMatch17.

In collaboration with Orientation, the MentorMatch17 survey is in front of every new incoming freshman and transfer student.

For students or people looking to share mentoring information with students, visit the NIU Mentor website to find out about mentoring opportunities. New students should fill out contact information in MentorMatch17 to receive information from specific mentoring programs that interest them.

Mentor program coordinators should review the NIU Mentor website to see if their program’s information is included on the website, or if it needs to be updated. To update or add information on your program to the website, use the update form. Notify FSYE to let them know about available programs, any program updates or if the program should appear in MentorMatch17.

Any outdated information will be removed from the website.

To get more involved with first- and/or second-year students at NIU, or become a mentor to a new NIU student, contact FSYE at 815-753-0028 or [email protected].