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Time to update online directory information

June 22, 2017

With the recent and upcoming changes that NIU is experiencing, all employees should take a few minutes to check their personal and departmental information in the NIU Online Directory for accuracy. Many departments have merged, consolidated and some have dissolved entirely. It is imperative that we update the directory to have an accurate reflection of current employees, department names and contact numbers. An updated directory ensures better customer service and a positive impression on both the students and community that we serve.

The directory needs to be updated by both the individual employee (using their own login number and password) and the department office staff.

To review and verify information, each employee should search their name in the “people search” section within the directory. If any information needs to be updated, select “Self-Service” and click on “Make a Process Request.” Log in using your username and password. In the left menu area, click on “Make a Process Request” again. A pop-up box will come up. Click “Continue.” Click on the appropriate resource that you want to change (i.e., title, office address, phone number, etc.) and fill out the reason for the request.

Similarly, each department needs to review their information under the “department search” entry and update anything that is incorrect or outdated. If any information needs to be corrected, please click on  “Modify Department Entry” and fill out the questions that follow.

If you need any further assistance with the forms, contact the Service Desk at [email protected] or 815-753-8100.