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Campus-wide orientation and enrollment programs begin June 8

May 31, 2017

Orientation and Family Connections will soon begin its campus-wide orientation and enrollment program for incoming freshmen, transfer students and their families.

During orientation (a two-day program for freshmen and a single day for transfers) incoming students gain an increased understanding of resources, identify opportunities for engagement and involvement, and begin to learn what it means to be part of an inclusive community. In addition, the program covers various aspects of student life, NIU’s expectations regarding behavior, and important bystander and safety information.

It’s important at orientation that new students understand NIU is a community that cares about their success both in and out of the classroom. As part of NIU’s commitment to student success, all new students will receive a brand new publication this year, The NIU OneBook. The OneBook will be used throughout the orientation program as a reference to topics discussed. New students will be encouraged to bring OneBook with them in the fall semester and use it throughout their college career.

The two-day freshman program affords students extended time to learn about academic expectations and responsibilities. Students attend a sample class designed to highlight the classroom experience and to present strategies for success from a faculty perspective. Students also meet with academic advisors, register for classes and begin to prepare for their first semester.

The transfer students’ orientation program focuses on getting connected to the campus as quickly as possible. Sessions are tailored to finances, academics and the business of being a student at NIU.

Optional activities for both programs include campus and housing tours, as well as individual meetings with Financial Aid counselors.

Family members are also invited to attend orientation to discover the resources available to them and to learn more about their role in their student’s success in college. Family discussions focus on academics and student life, safety, student health, managing college costs and common transitional issues. The DeKalb community also participates in freshmen family orientation by conducting bus tours of the community.

Orientation and Family Connections partners with the academic colleges and numerous departments throughout campus to create a great experience for incoming students and their families. Orientation sessions take place starting Thursday, June 8, and continue throughout the summer months.  For more information, visit, call 815-753-1535 or email [email protected].