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Update outlines Program Prioritization progress

May 10, 2017

One year after NIU released the initial Program Prioritization Task Force recommendations, the university has provided a report tracking progress toward each of the goals laid out in those documents.

The report briefly summarizes the status of each of the roughly 100 implementation tasks that President Doug Baker assigned to vice presidents last fall.  It also provides an update on the 10 “complex conversations” that were initiated as a result of the Program Prioritization, a status report on the Academic Task Force’s recommendations, and a discussion of the next steps in the process.

As the report indicates, the university has completed a substantial amount of work in the past year that will make the university more efficient and improve many of its programs.  Program Prioritization will continue to help guide improvements across campus for months and years to come as all aspects of the various recommendations are put into place and take effect.

The Program Prioritization Update can be found online.