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Steam outages start on May 22

May 9, 2017

NIU’s Heating Plant has scheduled the annual steam outages for May and June. All campus facilities that are connected to the main steam distribution will not have heat, reheat or domestic hot water (sinks and showers) during their related shutdown.

There are a few exceptions, such as those apartments in residence halls which have electric hot water heaters and some areas which have electric reheats. New Residence Hall will have the portable boiler for the West Campus shutdown and Holmes Student Center will have it during the East Campus shutdown.

West Campus Steam Outage: May 22 – May 26

Steam will be shut down sometime Sunday night, May 21, and the steam will be restored to the West Campus on Friday morning, May 26.

East Campus Steam Outage: June 5 – June 9

Steam will be shut down sometime Sunday night, June 4, and steam will be restored to the East Campus on Friday morning, June 9.

Parts of NIU’s steam distribution infrastructure are over 50 years old. These scheduled outages are the only opportunities the Heating Plant has to perform maintenance and repairs to reduce the risk of failures during the winter heating season.

The following buildings will be affected by the scheduled steam outages:

West Campus Steam OutageEast Campus Steam Outage
Barsema Alumni and Visitors Center

Chessick Practice Center

Campus Child Care

Cole Hall

Dorland Building

DuSable Hall

Chick Evans Field House

Gabel Hall

Graham Hall

Grant Complex

Huskie Stadium

Neptune Complex

Physical Plant

Reavis Hall

Student Recreation Center

Stevenson Complex

Watson Hall

Yordon Center

Zulauf Hall

*New Residence Hall – Portable Boiler

Not affected:

Convocation Center

Center for the Study of Family Violence and Sexual Assault

Human Resource Services/Printing Services

Northern View Community Center

Northern TV Center

Adams Hall

Altgeld Hall

Anderson Hall

Barsema Hall

Campus Life

Davis Hall

Engineering Building

Faraday Hall

Founders Memorial Library

Gilbert Hall

Health Services

LaTourette Hall

Lowden Hall

McMurry Hall

Montgomery Hall

Music Building

Psychology-Math Building

Public Safety

Still Gym

Still Hall

Swen Parson Hall

Telephone and Security Building

Visual Arts (Jack Arends Hall)

Williston Hall

Wirtz Hall

*Holmes Student Center – Portable Boiler