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Faculty Member of the Year for URAD and CES

May 1, 2017

Dr. Sherine Elsawa

Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day (URAD) and the Community Engagement Showcase (CES) not only highlight the great work that our students are participating in, but the dedication and support that our NIU faculty and staff have for our students’ success and growth at NIU. The relationship between students and their faculty mentors are life-changing, often for both the faculty and the student. NIU proudly celebrates the many faculty and staff across campus who mentor and support students encouraging growth and development while paving the way to student career success.

URAD and CES participants have an opportunity to nominate their mentor for the Faculty Mentor of the Year award. Nominees are evaluated on their ability to foster student participation in research and artistry activities, the balance between advisee and nurturing critical thinking, and the ability to develop a mentoring relationship that exudes genuine care in the student and their learning. This year we received over 33 nominations.

This year’s recipient, Dr. Sherine Elsawa, associate professor of immunology in the Department of Biological Sciences, is a great supporter of undergraduate research at NIU. One of her nominators said that the very first time she met her she told her that the best way to learn in the lab is by trying it and messing up.  She goes on to say that this award recipient “cares about the success of everyone in her lab, and will always take interest in, and help us reach, our individual goals.”

Another nominator said that her enthusiasm and dedication are what make her an excellent faculty mentor and that she takes the time to connect with students on both a professional and a personal level.  Lastly, she shares that just having someone there to be your guide in a tough field and having someone to keep pushing you is one of the reasons she will forever be grateful. Congratulations to Dr. Sherine Elsawa!

Other nominees are:

Dr. Alecia Santuzzi, Psychology

Dr. Bradley Peters, English

Dr. Amanda Ferguson, Management

Dr. Ana M. Calvo, Biology

Dr. Angela Grippo, Psychology

Dr. Christina Odeh, Allied Health and Communicative Disorders

Dr. Daniel R. Olson, Biological Sciences

Dr. Elizabeth Gaillard, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Heather Corwin, School of Theatre and Dance

Dr. Holly Jones, Biological Sciences

Dr. Iman Salehinia, Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Julia Ogg, Psychology

Dr. Mary Lynn Miller Henningsen, Communication

Dr. Scott Sibley, Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences

Dr. Karen Samonds, Biological Sciences

Kathryn R. Klement,  Psychology

Kathryn Rupp, Psychology

Dr. Laura Vazquez, Communication

Dr. Lisa Finkelstein, Psychology

Dr. Mandy Faretta-Stutenberg, Foreign Languages and Literatures

Dr. Matthew Sprong, Allied Health and Communicative Disorders

Dr. Narayan Hosmane, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Ross Powell, Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Dr. Todd Reeves, Educational Technology, Research and Assessment