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URAD and CES winners announced

April 26, 2017

Over 200 NIU students displayed their research skills, discoveries and artistry on April 25 during the university’s eighth annual Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day (URAD). Many others highlighted their important work with community-based service projects during the Community Engagement Showcase (CES). Descriptions of all student projects are available online.

NIU recognized the following award winners at the conclusion of the combined events:

Arts, Education, Health, Humanities and Social Sciences Posters

  • 1st Place: Kathryn Voight (Poster #100): Aufseherin: Female German Nazi Camp Guards and Post-War Justice.
  • 2nd Place: Elizabeth Hipskind (Poster #4): Analyzing Effective Instructional and Classroom Management Approaches for Young Culturally-Diverse Learners
  • 3rd Place: Karissa Kimes and Mohammed Akhtar (Poster #133): Adolescents’ Resource Control Strategies and Perceived Social Support

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Posters

  • 1st Place: Nicholas Ferry (Poster #105): Modern sedimentary processes and deposits at the Kronebreen-Kongsvegen tidewater glacier front in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard, Norway
  • 2nd Place (Tie): Lauren Haas and Daniel O’Sullivan (Poster 102): An Examination of Heavy 30-Day Snowfall Events East of the Rocky Mountains from 1900-2016; Lori Drendel and Nicholas Hahn (Poster 131): Turning the Tide: Effect of Anti-NOGO-A Immunotherapy on Performance in a Morris Water Task Following MCAO
  • 3rd Place: Paula Moraga (Poster #110): X-ray Study of the Location of Sulfonated Cholesterol in Membranes


  • 1st Place: Jeremiah Moore-Moauro (Exhibit #311): Mud and Music: A Cultural Study of Music During the Great War
  • 2nd Place: Eliya Baker (Exhibit #306): Dissection of Tissue and Drawing an Anatomical Atlas
  • 3rd Place: Matthew Woodall and Gunnar Baechler (Exhibit #300): Mars Rover Rocker-Bogie Comparative Differential Study

Humanities Award (presented by the Humanities group of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)

  • 1st Place: Kathryn Voight (Poster #100): Aufseherin: Female German Nazi Camp Guards and Post-War Justice
  • 2nd Place (Tie): Zahra Muhsin (Table Talk): “Bad Kids:” Punitive Discipline and the Faces behind the Pipeline (Short Documentary) and Fermin Luna (Poster #99): Linguistic Gains During Short-Term Study Abroad: Examining the Role of Initial Proficiency
  • 3rd Place: Tyechia Price (Poster #108): The Carat Empires

CES Award Winners

  • 1st Place: Theodore Agbemaple, Vanessa Saldana, Amie Kahovec and Nicholas Casas (Poster #408): Examining the Effects of a Mentor-Centered Tutoring Program
  • 2nd Place (Tie): Michael Tackes, Casey Trent, and Mike Sooley (Poster #405): Growing Concern; Betsania Salgado, Ainsley Galvez, Estefani Rosas-Almanza, Talia Barreto and Xavier Gonzalez (Poster #407): Latinos in Higher Education
  • 3rd Place: Richard Arnold, Samantha Wrzesinski, Kylie Moran, Candy Melara and Brooke Buttacavoli (Poster #400): Huskie Food Pantry

For more information, contact the Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning at 815-753-8154 or [email protected].