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Kevin D. Knight leadership awards ceremony, April 30

April 26, 2017

Each year, Student Involvement and Leadership Development (SILD) has the honor of recognizing distinguished student leaders at its annual Kevin D. Knight Leadership Awards ceremony. The Kevin D. Knight Leadership Awards ceremony commemorates the life of Kevin D. Knight, an NIU alumnus who embodied what it means to be a student leader. He was an exemplary leader, serving NIU as a catalyst for positive change and as a role model for up-and-coming student leaders to follow.  Knight used his time at NIU well, dedicating himself to the betterment of campus life for all students.  He worked hard in various leadership positions while receiving numerous awards and recognition for his work.

More than 50 student leaders will celebrate their accomplishments with their families and friends at the ceremony on Sunday, April 30, in the Holmes Student Center. SILD bestows awards to students based on their leadership roles within various student organizations, dedication to volunteering in the community and academic excellence. The students who will be recognized at this ceremony serve as executive board members, mentors, volunteer coordinators, research assistants, athletes and much more.

2017 Kevin D. Knight Leadership Award Recipients

Freshman Leadership Award

  • Ainsley Galvez
  • Nancy Hernandez
  • Lily Michaels
  • Sheila Martinez

Sophomore Leadership Award

  • Angel Hannah
  • Nikole Torres-Turnage
  • Cordnei Gibson

Junior Leadership Award

  • Shivani Desai
  • Rachel Shapland
  • I Younan An
  • Madeline Alger
  • Taylor Donelson
  • Jordan Arcilla
  • Giuseppe LaGioia
  • Felix Castillo

Senior Leadership Award

  • Brooke Buttacavoli
  • Brian Robinson
  • Jazmin Bandera
  • Megan Haduch
  • Danielle Dyra
  • Morgan Morris
  • Mark Voelker
  • Giselle Sanroman Gutierrez
  • Jesse Laseman
  • Lark Lewis
  • Leyla Puskar
  • Jaleel Savoy

Graduate Leadership Award

  • Clare Kron
  • Jalaine Hart
  • Mar Louie Mayubay

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor Award

  • Elizabeth Yee

Outstanding Student Organization Award

  • Black Counselors Association

Applauding Excellence Award

  • Marissa Dawson

NIU Women’s Volunteerism Award

  • Martha Zuniga

Steven R. Agee II Award

  • Karli Johnson

Parents’ Association Award

  • Julie Goldberg

Institutional Tuition Waiver Award

  • Rachel Shapland
  • Madeline Alger
  • Wataru Hashimoto
  • Edgar Garner IV
  • Alejandra Macias
  • Shlena Bolton
  • Adriana Aguilera Perez
  • Cordnei Gibson
  • Priscilla Montes
  • Jordan Clayton-Taylor
  • Diana Miguel
  • Emily Schaumberg
  • Giuseppe LaGioia
  • Nancy Hernandez
  • Jordan Arcilla

Who’s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges

  • DeAnna Fuller
  • Amber Sayles
  • Jordan Arcilla
  • Marissa Dawson
  • Karli Johnson
  • Sagar Sudhakar

Congratulations to all award winners!