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Are you a member of NIUAA?

April 23, 2017

All academic and civil service employees who contribute to the pension system are eligible for NIU Annuitants Association (NIAAA), not just after retirement. NIUAA promotes the interests and the welfare of the members of the State Universities Retirement System (SURS).

If you are a current member, your investment in NIUAA and SUAA (the state organization), paid for the lawyers who successfully pleaded our case before the Illinois Supreme Court to protect our pensions. However, those not retired still have the most to lose. Numbers speak: the more members of NIUAA, the stronger our voice. NIUAA has about 1890 members and are trying hard to get to 2000. Civil service employees, retirees, retiree spouses and survivors of retirees are all eligible to join and are encouraged to do so.

Membership to NIUAA includes a newsletter, annual December holiday party, annual dinner in June, regular coffee hours and trips organized by Steven Johnson of Compass Travel. Members can use their Outlook Retiree Account to access the NIU network as well.

The cost is $36/year to be a member, and members can have $3 automatically taken out of their paycheck monthly (or $1.50 biweekly) and not have to worry about renewing. When retiring, be sure to fill out a new form to indicate the new source of income.

If you have questions or to make changes, email or call Chris Atherton, Human Resource Services, 815-753-8377, [email protected].