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Representative Bob Pritchard addresses Honors students

April 19, 2017

State Representative Bob Pritchard visited with Honors students on Wednesday, April 12, and one message consistently reverberated:  to protect our democracy, everyone needs to get involved! Taking questions from students, State Representative Pritchard spoke about topics ranging from the Illinois state budget impasse to medical marijuana.

Honors students not only learned about their elected officials in Springfield (and were treated to a free breakfast), but also gained insight into how government officials work, the historical development of Illinois from a legislative perspective and what the future of Illinois might look like.

Seeking input from students, State Representative Pritchard inquired as to how the current state budget stalemate has impacted them personally at NIU. Listening to student concerns about work-study hours being cut, to shortages of faculty to deliver coursework, State Representative Pritchard spoke about the interconnectedness of state functions and how prioritization of all services was key to societal development. State Representative Pritchard also reiterated the fact that he did not believe bipartisanship was “dead” in Springfield, but individuals do no need to be challenged to think beyond party lines and do what is best for the state of Illinois.

This opportunity is one of the exclusive benefits available to Honors students. To inquire about joining the University Honors Program, check out the Honors web page.