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Career Services helps with academic and career indecision

March 22, 2017

Students having difficulty finding academic and career direction can receive help with choosing a major and career path through NIU Career Services’ career decision-making and assessment services. Career Services recently implemented the option of taking the Strong Interest Inventory (SII), a career test that measures a student’s level of interest in career options, academic options, work environments and other areas relevant to career choice. The SII has been consistently shown to be a valid and reliable measure of career interests for a broad, diverse population of college students.

Students who complete the SII, which is available for a small materials fee, receive a comprehensive, 14-page report describing their career interests and identifying specific career options. Career counselors conduct a personalized interpretation of the SII report that incorporates information gathered from the student in a previous career counseling session as well as the student’s in-the-moment reactions and feedback. Together, counselor and client make sense of the results and apply them to academic and career options.

Interested students should call 815-753-1641 to schedule an appointment. Inquiries should be directed to Dr. Brian Pillsbury, assistant director of Career Services.