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Japanese Language and Culture Club expands activities

March 3, 2017

Have you ever considered taking a Japanese course, but was not sure what to expect? Did you grow up playing Super Mario Bros. and ever wonder what the hidden meaning behind a bizarre character was? Come and find the answer from our newly established Japanese Language and Culture Club (JLCC). The club was established during the fall 2016 academic term and they are getting more active as their membership grows.

The club was originated by the students who are currently taking Japanese courses in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. Particularly, students from the Foreign Language Residency Program played an important role. Then the former students joined, and then Japanese students from ESL Center joined and it seems that there is a new member every day! Their main method of communication is by LINE, an app very popular in Japan. It fits the busy students’ lifestyle, as they can stay connected even if they missed their regular meeting on Fridays. The club currently has around 16 core members.

Their kick-off activity was, of course, rolling sushi. Those who had tasted sushi before but had never rolled one themselves were thrilled to give it a try. They have also started building the bridge across the campus, by participating in the language exchange hosted by the ESL center. Students, who were trying to increase more opportunity to learn about Japan and practice their Japanese, were finally united as this club. They dream about visiting Japan in the future.

For their most recent activity, President James Nguyen, Treasurer Malee Masuda and a member Alex Arsenty participated as volunteers at a community event held at University Village Apartments Community Center hosted by Immanuel Lutheran Church. Members showed children how to write their names in Katakana, how to count in Japanese and participated in Japanese games such as fukuwarai, a Japanese rendition of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game.

Together with the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures and the Foreign Language Residency Program, the JLCC is looking forward to more opportunities to expand their activities not only to fulfill their interest but to reach out to the community. By learning a foreign language, you can broaden your perspective, make new friends and find beauty in differences. The club also offers tutoring for beginner Japanese (101 and 102 classes) and welcomes new members who are interested in anything about Japan. For more information and if interested, please contact James by email at [email protected].