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Volunteers are the key to the Credit Union

February 23, 2017

Northern Illinois Federal Credit Union is your local, cooperative financial institution that is owned and controlled by you, the members. Whether as a board director or as a committee member, you can help. You have the opportunity to strengthen your credit union in a variety of efforts and responsibilities if you consider dedicating your time.

This year, we have two board positions open for election. In addition, we are in need of dedicated members to help serve on various committees. Serving on a committee provides member support for the credit union, with individuals putting in only an hour to two of service time per month.

Applications for director positions, committees and general volunteering are now available on or from the credit union staff at 817 W. Lincoln Highway, Suite E in DeKalb. The credit union is more than 2,200 members strong and will continue to grow in the coming years. Now is the time for you to help make that growth sustained and lasting. For information, call 815-753-1911 or email [email protected]