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NIU launching FY17 advertising campaigns

February 6, 2017

This week, the university will kick off new brand and advertising campaigns for specific audiences that aim to build on our efforts to elevate the reputation and awareness of our university brand.

The Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications division is executing advertising strategies to encourage specific audiences – like transfer students, freshman and adult students – to learn more about our institution by promoting our brand and sparking dialogue that increases awareness and positive affinity. Check out our new institutional spot.

“We’re using a mix of general branding and highly targeted advertising campaigns to help increase visibility among key audience segments and encourage those audiences to visit campus by promoting open house events and information sessions,” Abby Dean, Senior Director of University Marketing and Creative Services said. “Our ultimate goal is to drive admission applications and enrollment.”

The advertising campaigns make use of a wide range of media including paid search and social media, mobile and digital ads, and more traditional media like print, broadcast and out-of-home opportunities like billboards and street-level advertisements. You may see the following as part of these strategies:

  • Owned Media – On-campus signage, posters, videos, website, admissions materials, student communications, special events, etc.
  • Paid Media – Print, radio, outdoor, direct mail, mobile and additional advertising tactics/channels
  • Digital and Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and others

“One note about all digital, mobile and social ads: We encourage you let us know where and when you’ve seen them, but please do not click on them (unless, of course, you’re clicking through with an interested student, in which case, click away!). Clicking on our ads will drive up our cost on the campaign, and will throw off the analytics we’re collecting as well. We use the analytics to better target and hone our messaging,” said Dean.

Advertising campaigns help increase awareness of our institution and the programs we offer, as well as create a stronger reputation within our main audiences, resulting in an increased desire to continue their education at NIU.