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Communiversity Gardens fundraising in December

December 5, 2016

gardens-homepage-portraitThe Communiversity Gardens have been in operation for three growing seasons, and many people have benefitted from the garden. In that time, the gardens have been an enormous asset to the DeKalb community since much of the produce is donated to local food pantries such as the Huskie Food Pantry.

Students and community members are also provided with ways to take classes, volunteer and get fresh-grown produce. The opportunity to take classes in the gardens and do volunteer work affords students with an invaluable asset for finding employment and careers after getting a degree.

In order to maintain the positive impact that the Gardens make in the community, the Communiversity Gardens needs help to raise funds in order to ensure that smooth operations continue.

To raise money for the Gardens, two fundraisers are currently taking place.

The Gardens have partnered with Perfectly Posh for an online fundraiser to take place between Dec. 1 and 7. To learn more, either join the group on Facebook or on the Perfectly Posh website. All proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Communiversity Gardens.

At the same time, the Communiversity Gardens are using the crowdsource site CrowdRise to reach a $2000 fundraising goal.

The money raised from both fundraisers will support the operations of the Gardens in the 2017 growing season, which promises to be the most fruitful yet.

If you have questions, please feel free to email the co-managers of the Communiversity Gardens  — Melissa Burlingame and Michaela Holtz — at [email protected].