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Manage spam and junk in your mailbox

November 21, 2016

spam-homepage-portraitSpam and junk in a mailbox can wreak havoc on a person’s day. Sorting out what is needed, what is important and what doesn’t belong can be a nuisance.

With the right set of tools, each of us can be proactive in managing the amount of spam and junk received in our own mailboxes. Setting up spam filters, white listing and black listing emails will help to reduce the number of spam and junk emails.

The Division of IT is recommending users take time to review their current spam rules, set additional ones and manage their spam and junk emails regularly. Resources available to assist with clearing out the clutter include: 

Note that removal of CanIT and other on-premises scanning programs will begin November 29. Spam scanning will primarily take place through Microsoft. This change will realize university cost savings by simplifying infrastructure and support for our email environment 

For additional information see DoIT homepage.