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International movie night: ‘The anatomy of hate; A dialogue to hope’

November 11, 2016

anatomy-of-hate-portraitThe Division of International Affairs invites students, faculty and staff to attend a screening and discussion of the documentary “The Anatomy of Hate; A Dialogue to Hope” in Cole 100 on Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 5:30 p.m.

“The Anatomy of Hate; A Dialogue to Hope” reveals the shared narratives found in individual and collective ideologies of hate and how we as a species can overcome them. Filmmakers worked with unprecedented access to some of the most venomous ideologies and violent conflicts of our time, including the white supremacist movement, Christian fundamentalism as an anti-gay platform, Muslim extremism, the Palestinian intifada, Israeli settlers and soldiers, and U.S. forces in Iraq. By juxtaposing this verite footage with interviews from leading sociological, psychological, and neurological experts, and interspersing stories of redemption told by former combatants, the film weaves a tapestry that reveals both the emotional and biological mechanisms which make all of us susceptible to acts and ideologies of hate and demonstrates how these very same traits make us equally capable of overcoming them.

Introduction and follow-up discussion to be led by Dr. Patrick Roberts, associate professor of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations, and Dr. Abu Bah, associate professor of sociology.

For more information, please contact the Division of International Affairs at 815-753-9526 or [email protected].