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Can Illinois reduce benefits for university employees?

November 11, 2016

benefits-centerpieceJohn Carr, attorney at Maduff & Maduff, LLC, will speak to legal issues surrounding possible changes in pensions and benefits for current and retired NIU employees on Wednesday, Nov. 16, from 4:40 – 6 p.m. in the Carl Sandburg Auditorium of the Holmes Student Center. Paid parking is available in the visitor lot off Carroll Avenue and permit parking is available in the parking garage or in the Campus Life Building parking lot.

Carr will address concerns about whether or not the state of Illinois can reduce the three percent automatic annual increases (COLAs) on pensions, increase the deductible and co-pay amounts for employee and retiree health care insurance, tax retirement income or eliminate the 50 percent college tuition waivers for the children of university employees.

Carr’s expertise as a lawyer and lobbyist for the State Universities Annuitants Association (SUAA) uniquely qualifies him to give accurate and timely information on these and related issues.

The forum is sponsored by the Northern Illinois University Annuitants Association (NIUAA), SUAA, President Doug Baker, the Faculty Senate, the Operating Staff Council and the Supportive Professional Staff Council.

NIUAA is the second-largest chapter of SUAA. With almost 1,900 members, NIUAA defends the pensions, healthcare, and other benefits of current workers and retirees. NIUAA also offers educational seminars and provides travel opportunities.

SUAA advocates for all retired and currently employed faculty and staff of public universities and community colleges, their spouses and survivors, who are participants and beneficiaries of the State Universities Retirement System. SUAA actively works to preserve and protect a strong public pension system, healthcare benefits and the general well-being of its membership.