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New system will make it easy to find and apply for scholarships

October 31, 2016

scholarships-homepage-portraitThe Scholarship and Financial Aid Office, together with the NIU Foundation, are working to release a new scholarship application experience to be demonstrated at the Scholarship Fair on Wednesday, Nov. 2. The fair will be held in the Duke Ellington Ballroom of the Holmes Student Center from 1 to 3 p.m.

Starting fall 2016, students will be able to visit to apply for scholarships.

The new system, called AcademicWorks, will centralize the majority of NIU scholarship opportunities. AcademicWorks will provide a unique and highly automated experience for each student based upon their qualifications. Students will fill out a general scholarship application to be considered for multiple scholarships and may be directed to submit additional information for optional opportunities.

The new system will eliminate paper-based applications and centralize all scholarships into one database giving administrators the ability to search, filter, and report on scholarships and applicants. When the new process is in place, we should expect to see less scholarship funding go unused and more data available for scholarship administrators to use in their review and selection processes.

Prior to opening up the system to students, the project team will have created over 600 scholarship opportunities in AcademicWorks. NIU will join over 500 other institutions (including CPS, DePaul, and KCC) that have implemented the AcademicWorks scholarship platform to streamline their scholarship processes. NIU’s implementation of AcademicWorks won’t be fully complete until spring 2017, after the first review and award cycles take place. The scholarship and foundation offices will help prepare scholarship administrators for the new system by working with departments on scholarship criteria review. A day-long training session for scholarship administrators will be held in January to learn about the review, selection, awarding and donor relations processes.

For more information visit or email [email protected].