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Leadership development coach to deliver next Jobs PLUS talk

October 24, 2016

positive-work-portraitNIU alumna and leadership-development coach Laura Hall will facilitate a Jobs PLUS event on the topic of “creating trusting and positive working relationships” at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 25, in 71 North of Founders Memorial Library.

The event is the first to be held at 71 North, a new collaborative-enterprise space being developed to foster student innovation and entrepreneurial initiatives.

While registration for the event is full, students are encouraged to visit the Jobs PLUS website to register for the remaining three Jobs PLUS events this semester at 71 North. Online registration is strongly encouraged.

Hall’s presentation will help participants surface and define the behaviors that they commonly exhibit at work and in different work situations or environments. Topics to be discussed will include:

  • Emotional intelligence and its role in creating positive relationships
  • How to show up in a more positive light despite difficult workplace cultures or environments
  • Leadership behaviors that help build trust
  • Using effective dialogue to strengthen workplace relationships

Jobs PLUS regularly hosts free professional development events open to all NIU students. Through partnerships with employers, students could even be eligible to attend these events on paid work time. Jobs PLUS events qualify for Passport in the College of Business and Honors Engaged in University Honors.

To learn more about Jobs PLUS or future professional development events, visit the Jobs PLUS website or contact Chad Glover.