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Nominations sought for top faculty awards

September 16, 2016

Nominations are currently being accepted for NIU’s most prestigious faculty awards. The Presidential Professorships – for engagement, teaching, and research, scholarship and artistry – come with significant monetary and program development awards, as does the Board of Trustees Professorship.

All four awards have the same nomination and application deadlines:  Oct. 7, 2016, for the nominations, and Nov. 11, 2016, for the finished application.

Presidential Engagement Professors (PEP) – This award honors professors who create and nurture external partnerships that are reciprocal and confer a mutual benefit upon the university and the partner.  Awardees demonstrate a commitment to creating and nurturing these external relationships in which problems, solutions, goals and measures of success are jointly defined. 

Presidential Teaching Professors (PTP) – This award honors professors who inspire excellence in and out of the classroom and connect students to the real world. Successful candidates apply rigorous standards to student performance, and instill an abiding interest in and appreciation for the subject they teach.

Presidential Research, Scholarship and Artistry Professors (PRSAP) – This award honors professors who are recognized nationally and internationally for their research, scholarship and/or artistry. PRSAP winners are recognized for their outstanding accomplishments and future potential in academic research, scholarship and/or artistry. 

The three Presidential Professorship awards carry with them a $5,000 base salary increase as well as a one semester’s release from teaching and funding to further work in their area of expertise. 

Board of Trustees (BoT) Professorships – BoT Professors must have received national and/or international recognition for the impact of their scholarship or artistry within their professional community, and be among those who have achieved the highest stature within their discipline. They must have made significant contributions to advance the reputation and mission of the university, and to improve the condition the community at large. BoT Professors receive a renewable $10,000 stipend for each year of their five-year appointment. 

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