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Baker Report: A New Beginning

August 18, 2016

Friday, August 19, is a big day for all of us at NIU and in the community.

In the morning we welcome thousands of students and their families, who come from diverse cultures and experiences, to commence what will be one of the most transformative times in their lives. They’ll arrive excited and anxious as they navigate a new home and way of life joining the Huskie family.

NIU is filled with truly dynamic and excellent faculty and staff whose passion, life’s work and commitment to seeing all of our students succeed knows no bounds. They show up every day and make important contributions – whether it’s in the care of the grounds, the kindness shown to our campus guests or your enthusiastic support of Huskie artists, performers and athletes.

Perhaps more than ever, this coming semester will require us all to really show up. The budget situation will continue to be challenging. We’re witnessing a lot happen in our state, nation and world that gives us pause. We’re nearing Election Day, with many issues of inequity coming to a head in our streets, media and social channels. Our students are also seeing this, trying to make sense of it all, while endeavoring to find their voice and role in driving change. Now more than ever they are going to look to us.

Our faculty, staff and administrators are fully committed to fostering a university community built on respect that values diversity and empowers open dialogues – the freedom to express ideas and views with the goal to strengthen our social equity and inclusion. We will continue our efforts to improve communications, lead with transparency and strengthen ties with local communities. We will deliver on preparing students for successful lives and careers. 

Tomorrow is the first day of a new semester, a new beginning. Thank you to the faculty, staff and community dedicated to the success of our Huskie family.