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NIU Parking Services announces 2016-17 permit pricing

May 9, 2016

NIU parking deckIn an effort to mitigate a growing backlog of parking lot repair requirements, NIU administrators have approved parking permit price increases for the first time since 2011.

The new rates will help generate additional revenue necessary to address the current $5 million backlog of known parking lot repairs.

Parking lot repair demands are being prioritized into a long-range investment plan which will help determine a more stabilized permit pricing structure going forward.

Permit pricing increases were not made uniformly across all permit types. Reserved parking, in particular, was increased more than other permits because this type of parking typically underutilizes spaces when compared to open lot parking areas.

When compared to other universities, said Campus Parking Services Director Darren Mitchell, the new prices range from being 80 percent to 20 percent lower than most other institutions with only a couple examples of schools being lower in price.

The change to make remote (green permit) parking free also provides patrons with another option to fit their parking needs, Mitchell added.

Meanwhile, Parking Services is gearing up to promote more online transactions that eventually will reduce operational costs. To encourage the use of online purchases, a $10 premium will be added to some of the new prices for any in-person permit transactions.



  • Blue Annual: $135 ($145 in office)
  • Blue Fall/Spring: $100 ($110 in office)
  • Blue Summer/Fall: $112 ($122 in office)
  • Reserve Annual: $810
  • Reserve Annual 24/7: $945

car-keysStudent Orange/Yellow

  • Annual: $92 ($102 in office)
  • Fall/Spring: $70 ($80 in office)
  • Spring/Summer: $72 ($82 in office)
  • Summer: $40 ($50 in office)
  • Reserve Annual: $500


  • Annual: $47 ($57 in office)
  • Fall/Spring: $42 ($52 in office)
  • Spring/Summer: $44 ($54 in office)
  • Summer: $40 ($50 in office)


  • Annual: $50 ($60 in office)
  • Annual Reduce: $25 ($35 in office)
  • Fall/Spring: $25 ($35 in office)


  • Free permit parking will be available in lot C3 north of the Convocation Center. Permits will still be required and will need to be obtained from Campus Parking Services.

For more information, call (815) 753-1045 or email [email protected].