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Daphne Voorhis receives SPS Dependent Scholarship

April 12, 2016
Daphne Voorhis (center) embraces her parents, Phil and Jana.

Daphne Voorhis (center) embraces her parents, Phil and Jana.

Daphne Voorhis grew up in DeKalb. Her parents, Phil and Jana, both work in NIU Intercollegiate Athletics.

The athletic training room in the Convocation Center even became “a magical playroom” where she and her sisters would dress the skeleton, help to fill ice packs and learn the best way to wrap sore or injured ankles.

But she never expected to become a Huskie.

“In fact,” says the biology major, “I wanted to avoid it all costs, but financial need put NIU at the top of my list. Higher education is very expensive, and my family cannot support me fully.”

What Voorhis also discovered on the campus she’s always known as a daughter – her father, the assistant athletics director for Sports Medicine and Athletic Training, has worked here for 27 years – were the amazing academic extras offered to students.

“There is a community at NIU that I am glad to be a part of,” she says. “I was able to start doing undergraduate research as a freshman, be a part of the Honors Program and live in the Honors House with like-minded people. There are so many more opportunities than what I assumed when I was refusing to even look into NIU.”

Voorhis, who has minors in math and chemistry, is this year’s recipient of the Supportive Professional Staff Dependent Scholarship.

Daphne Voorhis

Daphne Voorhis

She will receive $1,000 for the 2016-17 school year, money for which she is grateful.

“My older sister is a junior, also at NIU, pursuing her nursing degree,” Voorhis says, “and by the time my little sister, a fifth-grader, is ready to go to college, the projected cost may be significantly more than now.”

Now “confident” in her choice of NIU, and looking forward to her future on campus and after graduation, she is looking back on the example set by her parents.

“My dad, even though he traveled a lot, has always been my hero. He taught me to never give up with his perseverance he always displays without even knowing. He always showed everyone the same respect, from athletes to bosses,” she says.

“It helped to teach me that you treat people the way you want to be treated,” she adds, “and if you show someone respect, they will give it back to you.”

Voorhis is the fourth recipient of the SPS Dependent Scholarship, following Mason Bross (2013-14), Lydia Moore (2014-15) and Leyla Puskar (2015-16).