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Program Prioritization Student Task Force members selected

April 4, 2016

NIU Student Association logoThe Student Association Ad-Hoc Committee for the Selection of the Program Prioritization Student Task Forces have come to a conclusion on the members of the two task forces.

The selection process took place over the last two weeks culminating with a meeting Thursday, March 31, to determine the final candidates. The process was intense given the nature of how many applicants there were and that Easter and Student Association elections fell in between those two weeks.

The selection committee used various parameters to guide the selection of the academic and administrative task forces.

Selectors were instructed to pay close attention to details of candidates including their year in school, major, any minors/certificates, club membership, and employment on campus.

Diversity of backgrounds was another standard for selecting students to the task forces. Diversity was looked at specifically in two ways. The first was that the committee wanted to select students of all walks of life, grade level, etc. There is a diverse representation of students between the two task forces.

The second aspect of diversity had to do with keeping a “trustee mentality,” or keeping the interest of the university as a whole above an individual department. Students with a diverse or wide-ranging background are less likely to represent individual needs over the institutions due to their breadth of involvement.

Furthermore, selectors used a numeric based points system to rank candidates. This process helped guide the selection process and ultimately a decision was reached by the committee on who to select.


  • Robert Kreml-Chair (Sr/Physics)
  • Evan Forbes (Jr/ Theatre Design & Tech)
  • Adam Pope (Sr/Anthropology)
  • Ben Skipor (Fr/History, French Lang & Lit)
  • Jaleel Savoy (Jr/OM&IS)
  • Laura Kruczinki (Sr/Sociology & Spanish)
  • Marlo Barnett (Ph.D./Instructional Tech)
  • Jacob Hicks (Jr/Electrical Engineering)
  • Autumn James (Ph.D./Geography)
  • Floyd Knight (Grad/English:Linguistics)
  • Rachel Jacobs (So/History & Poly Sci)
  • Kieth Stiggers (1L/Law)
  • Khaja Anwar Ali Siddiqui (Grad/Comp Sci)
  • Alternates: Giselle Sanroman (Jr/Chem & Bio); Joseph Volin (Ph.D./Higher Ed); Cacina Jones (Grad/School Psych); Melissa Villa (So/Elementary Ed); Francarlo Resto (Jr/Family & Child Studies)


  • Jose Soto Jr.-Chair (Grad/Economics)
  • Zach Bohn (Jr/MGMT)
  • Valerie Pena (Jr/Special Education)
  • Michael Terrell (So/Poly Sci)
  • Emily VanDusen (Sr/Industrial Engineering)
  • Rory Johnson (Jr/MGMT: Human Resources)
  • Kyle Urbashich (Sr/Economics)
  • Carmin Bercholly (Sr/Art History)
  • Carrie Fassbinder (Grad/ Anthropology)
  • Judith Montero (Post-Grad/Bio, Human Sci)
  • Jake Swick (So/Poly Sci & CLCE)
  • Christine Wang (So/Accountancy)
  • Laura Korth (Grad/Adult & Higher Ed)
  • Alternates: Nathan Tripp (Grad/Public Admin); Alex Summers (Jr/Business Admin); Edwin Esmenda (Sr/COMS, Military Sci)