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Top 15 of 2015: The Sound of Music (15)

December 16, 2015
Jeremy Little

Jeremy Little

As 2015 draws to a close, the NIU Newsroom and NIU Today offer a look back at 15 of the top stories and topics from the year.


Eighty music teachers descended on NIU in July for a four-day workshop in “Comprehensive Musicianship through Performance.”

Taught by 14 master music teachers (all subjects, all levels) from the IL-CMP Committee, the workshop encourages and explains a different way of instruction. Teaching with intention, its T-shirts proclaim, begets performing with understanding.

Put simply, the CMP model believes that student-musicians will deliver much-richer performances when they comprehend why and how the music placed before them was written and how those pieces of music connect with other works and their own lives.

“We’ve come together as a group of teachers that have really a like-minded philosophy,” says Mary Lynn Doherty, associate professor and coordinator of music education in the NIU School of Music.