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NIU Board of Trustees to call for state budget resolution

December 9, 2015

Photo of the Illinois State Capitol in SpringfieldThe NIU Board of Trustees plans to vote on a resolution at its meeting Thursday, calling upon the state’s leaders to resolve the ongoing budget crisis.

The resolution points out that the lack of a state budget creates an “unsustainable financial environment which makes it nearly impossible for the university to plan for the future.”

Marc Strauss, chair of the NIU Board of Trustees, said that it is imperative that leaders find some resolution to the issue soon.

“Not only are we handcuffed by the uncertainty this creates, but so are many of our students, as they worry that the financial aid that they rely upon may not be there to help them earn their degrees,” Strauss said. “It is an untenable situation for all involved, and one we want to see addressed as quickly as possible.”

The resolution calls upon state leaders to adopt a fiscal year 2016 budget that ensures the sustainability of the university, while providing critical need-based financial aid for students.

“Our board understands that the issues at the core of this impasse are extremely complex, ” Strauss said. “Nevertheless, we want to add our voices to the many others calling upon our leaders in both responsible branches of government to sit down and hammer out a solution. The failure to do so will produce costs to the state and its citizens far in excess of the funds that need to be provided.”

The resolution will be discussed and voted upon when the NIU Board of Trustees meets at 9 a.m. in Room 315 of Altgeld Hall.