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Informational guide outlines procurement procedures – UPDATED

October 30, 2015

Photo of calculator and register tapeProcurement Services has created a quick reference guide to assist departments when they need to submit purchase orders.

UPDATED Nov. 6, 2015

Board of Trustees Approval: Obligations of $250,000 or more

Certifications: Required for purchase orders $20,000.01 and over, and for all purchase orders requiring contracts

Change orders

  • Departments must submit any PO change orders and cancellation requests to APS for routing through the normal approval channels
  • Departments should only include the increase amount or the decrease amount in the “Amount” cell on the change order requisition.


  • If you are aware of a contractual need, please allow 8-10 weeks to complete the purchase process.
  • If the vendor requires anything to be signed, OR if a vendor is coming on campus to perform services, OR if there is any risk involved, a contract is probably required.
  • Signature authority on campus is limited – unless you have been specifically authorized, you do not have agency to commit the University by signing a contract.

Financial Disclosure Form: Required for orders $50,000 and greater, unless a state or governmental agency.

IPHEC: Presidential or Board approval is required (as of October 21, 2015) when applicable (i.e. when dollar amount is at Presidential or Board level)

Open Orders

Requests for open orders at or under $5,000.00 require approval from:

  • For research and innovation areas: VP Research & Innovation Partnerships
  • For academic areas: Executive VP and Provost
  • For all other areas: VP of Administration and Finance

Presidential Approval: Needed for orders $25,000 to $249,999 (does not include NIU Foundation orders)

Professional & Artistic

  • $20,000 or greater: Bid, RFP, or Sole Source is required.
  • Contract required if at $5,000 or greater.

Purchase Requisitions

  • A Purchase Requisition is required to initiate the process for each original purchase, for any change orders required, and for canceling a purchase order, unless a pre-approved procurement authorization exists.
  • Once checked and approved by Accounts Payable Services, the Purchase Requisition is forwarded to the Budget Office in the Division of Administration and Finance for approval. If the purchase is approved by the Vice-President of the Division of Administration and Finance, or his designate, the purchase requisition will be forwarded to Procurement Services.
  • Purchases using “04” funds must also be approved by the Associate Director of Budgets and Facilities in the Executive VP and Provost’s Office. This approval is required before Procurement Services will process a requisition using “04” funds.
  • Purchase using grant funds must be approved by Grants Fiscal. This approval is required before Procurement Services will process a requisition using grant funds.