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Michaela Holtz – Office of Student Engagement & Experiential Learning

October 15, 2015

It is no secret that the OSEEL office has undergone a great change in staffing over the past year. Namely, the two highest of our ranks left us within months of one another and we also lost two other employees that oversaw the research programs maintained by our office. Michaela stepped up and offered the leadership the OSEEL office needed during this time. It is important to note that this move came at great personal sacrifice. Michaela worked very long hours during this period and put aside personal projects to ensure that OSEEL stayed afloat in the absence of our previous leadership. She maintained this role for some time before we were able to place an AVP for Engaged Learning and has continued to be a positive leader even after a hire was made, all in an effort to keep our office moving forward. I would like her to know that her leadership and positive attitude during this time of transition has been pivotal in OSEEL’s ability to maintain our level of service even in a time when we were grossly understaffed.

Applaud a Colleague