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Kostic named guest-editor of ‘Entropy’ journal

September 30, 2015
Milivoje M. Kostic

Milivoje M. Kostic

Milivoje M. Kostic, professor emeritus in the NIU Department of Mechanical Engineering, has been appointed as a guest-editor of “Exploring the Second Law of Thermodynamics,” a special issue of international and interdisciplinary open access journal Entropy

The second law of thermodynamics is among the most fundamental principles of engineering, science and nature. Since its discovery more than 150 years ago, its status is generally considered supreme. It can and should be challenged, but cannot be violated.

Kostic’s teaching, research and scholarly interests are in fundamental laws of nature; thermodynamics and heat transfer fundamentals; the second law of thermodynamics and entropy; energy efficiency; conservation and sustainability; fluids-thermal-energy components and systems; and nanotechnology and nanofluids.

He has presented a number of invited plenary lectures and seminars at international conferences and different institutions.