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Warning: Convincing phishing email compromising NIU accounts

September 8, 2015

Screen capture of phishing scamRecently, several variations of phishing emails have been tricking students, faculty and staff into thinking the email is from NIU.

The email states that you must validate your NIU account information by clicking on a link or you will be blocked from your account.

DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. This email is not from NIU. Simply delete it.

NIU will never ask you for your account and password, and it will never send you an unsolicited email asking you to validate your account information.

If you go to the link in the email and supply your account information your account will be compromised and you will be locked out.

Once a student gmail account is compromised, it sends out so many emails so quickly that Google automatically disables the account. Go to to change your password right away. DoIT recommends you change it to a very different password to deny a bad actor the possibility of guessing the new one.

Additionally, it is recommended that if you use the same password for any other account, you should change those account passwords as well.

Faculty and Staff
If you find yourself locked out of your NIU account, call the DoIT Helpdesk at (815) 753-8100.