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New York Times praises NIU’s Avalon Quartet

September 4, 2015
Avalon String Quartet

Avalon String Quartet

NIU’s Avalon String Quartet earned the praise of New York Times music reviewer Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, who enjoyed the group’s new CD, titled “Illuminations.”

In the Sept. 2 edition of the “Classical Playlist,” the critic calls the new CD a “deeply satisfying recording.”

“The Avalon String Quartet, playing with great warmth and tenderness, appears to have a special sensitivity for this sort of music,” the review states, “anchored in its own time even as it displays its ancient roots proudly.”

Members of the Avalon Quartet are Blaise Magniere (first violin, Richard O. Ryan Endowed Chair in Violin); Marie Wang (second violin); Anthony Devroye (viola); and Cheng-Hou Lee (cello).

The four have served as the NIU School of Music’s quartet-in-residence since August of 2007.