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Candid conversation: NIU administrators begin podcasting

August 31, 2015
NIU President Doug Baker

NIU President Doug Baker poses for a selfie Aug. 23
with students attending the President’s Picnic.

NIU President Doug Baker and other campus leaders today are launching a weekly series of podcasts to provide “candid conversation” on topics of interest and concern to the university community.

Baker and the other “NIU Insider” hosts will chat on topics that include budgeting, enrollment, diversity initiatives, program prioritization, campus safety and recruitment and retention efforts.

Listeners can find the podcasts posted at; the president’s biweekly podcasts go live the Thursdays after his biweekly Baker Report is emailed.

“President Baker will have the opportunity to discuss topics addressed in the Baker Report further, and to address timely topics that come up between reports,” said Brad Hoey, director of Campus Communications at NIU.

Campus leaders also can discuss and share updates on their work and the work of their teams,” added Hoey, facilitator of the five- to seven-minute conversations. “This allows our university community to stay informed and hear from leadership that they might not interact with regularly.”

Off-week guests will include Jerry Blakemore, Jerry Blazey, Brett Coryell, Vernese Edghill-Walden, Sean Frazier, Lisa Freeman, Anne Kaplan, Alan Phillips, Tom Phillips, Mike Mann, Catherine Squires, Harlan Teller and Eric Weldy.

Future podcasts also could feature students, faculty and staff.

Campus Communications is housed in the NIU Division of Marketing & Communications.