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Administrative programs inventory released

August 17, 2015

Altgeld HallNIU’s Program Prioritization Coordinating Team has released the administrative program inventory, providing the list of administrative programs to be evaluated and ranked early next year.

Some 251 administrative programs will be assessed by a 21-member administrative task force beginning in January.

The inventory is the result of several months’ worth of planning and work, including meetings between the Program Prioritization Coordinating Team’s Data Subgroup and the heads of administrative units across campus.

Every administrative program will have its own template, pre-loaded with institutional data that addresses five different criteria.

The data platform used to facilitate program templates and subsequent rankings is Prioritization Plus. Program contacts (or authors) will be responsible for writing up narratives about their programs and supplying additional information and data.

Finished templates then will be reviewed by the Administrative Program Task Force members, who will assign each program to a quintile with an associated future recommendation for the program.