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Physics student Keith Taddei receives top award for student lecture

August 3, 2015

Keith TaddeiNIU physics student Keith Taddei received an award for best student lecture at the American Crystallographic Association Conference, held July 25 to July 29 in Philadelphia.

Taddei’s lecture titled, “Observation of the Magnetic C4 Phase and a Two Q Magnetic Structure in Hole doped Sr1-xNaxFe2As2,” was given as part of the Crystallography of Emergent Phenomena session.

“Keith reported our recent finding of an extremely rare double-Q magnetic structure in Sr1‑xNaxFe2As2 superconductors,” physics professor Omar Chmaissem said.

“A combination of neutron scattering, Mossbauer measurements in collaboration with physics professor Dennis E. Brown and group theoretical representation analysis led to establishing the full phase diagram of these materials and in delineating the regions of competition and coexistence of diverse magnetic phases with superconductivity,” Chmaissem added.

“Our results helped reignite interest in the theory of these exotic superconductors and provided important new information that brings us closer to understanding their exact nature from the electronic and structural point of view.”

Taddei is a fourth-year graduate student from Burbank and is a recent recipient of an NIU Dissertation Completion Award Fellowship. In addition to several previous and pending publications, he hopes to publish his final results on the behavior of magnetic phases in iron-based superconductors in a professional journal later this year.

This research was conducted in collaboration with scientists from Argonne National Laboratory.