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New stops added to the Huskie Safe Line

August 3, 2015

Huskie Safe LineIt’s safe to say it’s even easier to get around campus this fall thanks to the Huskie Safe Line.

Students asked, and NIU answered with some enhancements to the free NIU shuttle ride service that operates from 11 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. after the HuskieLine bus services end for the evening.

“We made the changes after reviewing rider use from last school year and in cooperation with the Student Association,” said Sgt. Joe Przybyla of the NIU Police Department. “The goal is to shorten wait times by having a more efficient route and save resources by not stopping at places that were not being utilized.”

The free service is available to NIU students, faculty and staff as well as community members with disabilities. The shuttle travels a fixed route with more than 30 convenient pick-up and drop-off locations. Riders can simply go to the closest stop and wait for the van by the sign that says “Huskie Safe Line.”

Riders must present a valid NIU One Card or Illinois Person with a Disability Identification Card to use the service and are allowed to bring a guest with them.

The accessible shuttle ride service is available to persons with disabilities and individuals with children by calling (815) 753-2222 to request the service. In addition to this new service, NIU Police and Public Safety offer walking escorts anywhere on campus 24 hours a day.

Huskie Safe LineAlong the north route, the shuttle van goes to each stop along the following route approximately every 17 minutes:

  1. Holmes Student Center
  2. Barsema Hall
  3. School of Nursing
  4. 1217 Blackhawk
  5. 1015 Blackhawk
  6. 1025 W. Hillcrest
  7. 1121 W. Hillcrest
  8. Spiros and Hillcrest
  9. Aspen and Hillcrest
  10. 875 Fotis
  11. 735 Fotis
  12. 770 Regent
  13. 1212 Varsity
  14. 930 Pappas
  15. 910 Hillcrest
  16. Greenbriar and Normal
  17. Greenbrier and Russell
  18. New Hall West (drop-off as needed)
  19. Holmes Student Center

The shuttle makes stops along the south route approximately every 16 minutes. The route includes the following stops:

  1. Holmes Student Center
  2. Gilbert Hall
  3. 412 Locust St.
  4. 100 N. Pearl St. (Tom and Jerry’s)
  5. 823 W. Lincoln Hwy. (Near McDonalds)
  6. 1005 W. Lincoln Hwy. (Copy Service)
  7. 1127 W. Lincoln Hwy.  (Dollar Video)
  8. 1311 W. Lincoln Hwy. (Stadium View)
  9. Northern View
  10. Stevenson North
  11. Grant North
  12. New Hall West
  13. New Hall East
  14. Holmes Student Center