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President Baker emails campus on budget impasse

July 8, 2015

Symbol of the State of IllinoisNIU President Doug Baker emailed the campus today on the budget impasse in Springfield.

Dear NIU faculty and staff,

I’m sure you have seen the media coverage of a judge’s ruling against Illinois Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger’s plan to continue to pay state employees while the governor and the legislature attempt to break the budget impasse.

The ruling does not change our commitment, reflected in my previous note to you, to continue to pay our faculty and staff.

First, this ruling does not impact Comptroller Munger’s commitment to continue processing payments from FY15 funds that we are still owed. Second, tuition and fee revenues also can be used to support payroll if necessary. Finally, from a legal standpoint, it is our general counsel’s opinion that this latest court ruling does not apply to NIU employees.

Again we want to make it clear that, while unfortunate for those affected by the court ruling, NIU employees will continue to be paid.

Thanks very much for your patience at this difficult time for you and your families.