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NIU alum designs shirt for Blackhawks fans

June 6, 2015

Blackhawks shirtChicagoans don’t like to be told no.

So when the Tampa Bay Lightning announced plans to shut out Blackhawks gear from certain sections of its arena during the Stanley Cup Final game tomorrow night, Bob Winter knew he could find a loophole.

The partner and executive creative director at River North branding and marketing firm VSA Partners set his staffers to work creating a T-shirt that could slip past Tampa Bay’s ban.

“Half an hour later (I) had three or four awesome designs in my inbox, one of which is what the shirt is now,” Winter said.

The resulting black T-shirt has a picture of a piece of masking tape covering the spot where “Blackhawks” would be and reads: “Let’s go hockey team from the Midwest with a logo that has a guy with feathers in his hair whose name rhymes with Smackhawks.”

The shirt was designed by VSA senior designer Steev Szafranski, who received his B.F.A. from NIU in 2009.

Visit Crain’s Chicago Business to read more of the story, including where to buy the shirt.

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