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Process for naming interim College of Law dean announced

April 6, 2015
Dean Jennifer Rosato Perea

Dean Jennifer Rosato Perea

Provost Lisa Freeman consulted April 2 with the faculty of the College of Law regarding the processes to be used for identifying and appointing an individual to serve as dean during the period between Dean Jennifer Rosato Perea’s departure and the appointment of a permanent successor.

It is anticipated that a national search will be conducted in the fall with the goal of appointing a permanent successor to Dean Rosato Perea next spring.

An internal search will be conducted to select an interim or acting dean.

It is anticipated that no more than four candidates will participate in an on-campus interview process that includes meetings with College of Law constituents and members of NIU’s academic leadership. The choice of candidates to interview and the interview schedule(s) will be managed by a search committee comprised of College of Law faculty/staff and others as appropriate. The search committee will be chaired by a dean from another college. The majority of the search committee will be tenured faculty members from College of Law.

The search committee is currently being assembled, so that the search process for interim/acting dean can be completed no later than June 15.

Note: In the context of NIU, “interim” and “acting” are used to describe appointments made to fill vacant positions on a temporary basis while a search is being conducted, with the former indicating that the appointee will not seek a permanent appointment to the position.