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Employees: cellular stipend request form now online

March 2, 2015

Photo of an iPhoneNIU’s Employee Cellular Services Stipend Agreement Form is now online.

Employees who need cellular communication devices to do their jobs should use this form to request a monthly stipend. Talk with your manager/supervisor/department chair before submitting the form so the agreed upon amount is selected. Your department must then submit the Additional Pay Form to Payroll to activate the stipend.

A Cellular Service Stipend Policy was recently approved for NIU employees. It affects faculty and staff who currently use an NIU-managed cellphone, 3G/4G aircard, MiFi or any other device with voice and data capabilities and a monthly service charge. NIU no longer will purchase or support cellular communication devices for individual employee use.

Support for departmental shared cellphone equipment used on a rotation basis and not individually assigned will not change.

IT Communication Services will help NIU employees transition to a personal plan until July 22, 2015, six months after the effective date of this policy.

Who gets a stipend? How much is it? Can I keep my NIU cellphone? Can I keep my NIU cellphone number? These questions and many more are answered in the Cellular Stipend Policy FAQ.

For more information, call (815) 753-0963 or email [email protected].