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NIU adopts new policy on cellular communication devices for employees

January 29, 2015

Photo of a smart phoneNIU has approved a Cellular Service Stipend Policy and will no longer purchase cellular communication devices for individual employee use.

Employees whose duties require a cellular communication device may receive extra compensation in the form of a monthly stipend. This is taxable income.

If the manager and employee agree that there is a need for cellular communication:

  • The Employee Cellular Services Stipend Agreement Form must be submitted to the appropriate departmental approver.
  • The department must then submit the Additional Pay Form to Payroll to activate the stipend.

The Employee Cellular Services Stipend Agreement form will be published as soon as it is finalized as well as detailed information on the stipend amounts and transitioning to a personal device.

IT Communication Services will help NIU employees transition their existing NIU devices and plans to personal plans for six months from last Thursday (Jan. 22, 2015 – the effective date of this policy). However, the goal for full switch-over is March 1.

An FAQ is available online.

This policy pertains and applies to all NIU departments and employees that either use NIU-issued cellular communication devices for university business purposes or are eligible for NIU-issued cellular communication device based on job requirements.

Cellular communication devices are defined as:

  • basic and smart cellphones;
  • 3G/4G Aircards;
  • Mi-Fi/iPads; and
  • any devices that have voice/data capabilities with a monthly service.

The Division of Information Technology is working diligently to ensure a successful launch of the IT web forms in early March, said Matt Parks, senor director of network and communication services.

“This policy aligns NIU with both public and private-sector industry norms relative to cellular phone practices,” Parks said. “The stipend tiers – $35, $85 and $115 – should allow for sufficient flexibility within colleges and departments to defray cellular/data service costs for employees that require such services as part of their job function.”

For more information, call (815) 753-0963 or email [email protected].