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Honors students sip coffee with state lawmaker Bob Pritchard

January 28, 2015

Rep. Bob Pritchard and University Honors studentsState Rep. Bob Pritchard chatted with University Honors Program students Jan. 20 as a part of his ongoing community outreach conversations over coffee.

Over the course of the visit, Pritchard exchanged ideas with students on the topics of paying for college, how to empower students to find jobs after graduation and President Obama’s plan to make post-high school education obtainable for all U.S. citizens. Pritchard said he agreed with Obama, saying that “all students need something beyond high school.”

In the intimate setting of the Capstone Library, students’ opinions and ideas about the future of Illinois were heard and appreciated by an actual Illinois lawmaker and stakeholder.

Honors student Libardo Coronado, a junior majoring in political science, said he appreciates opportunities to meet and connect with important people beyond the classroom.

“I’ve met a lot of important people I never expected to meet: Rep. Pritchard, Jordan Lynch, Dennis Barsema, lawyers and other business people,” Coronado said. “It gives new perspective on what I want to do in the future.”