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Congressman recognizes NIU’s commitment to safety

December 15, 2014
Adam Kinzinger

Adam Kinzinger

U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger recognized Northern Illinois University Thursday for its “proactive leadership in creating safe, supportive living-learning communities by protecting all students from sexual assaults.”

Kinzinger’s comments appear in the December 12 Congressional Record. The record commends NIU President Doug Baker for convening a Task Force on the Violence Against Women Act, bringing students, faculty, staff, administrators, public safety officials, and the DeKalb community to the table.

The NIU VAWA Task Force Report, released December 3, contains recommendations that enhance NIU’s efforts in the prevention of sexual assault, provide support for sexual assault victims and survivors, and strengthen policies and processes related to student conduct and reporting.

“I am proud to say NIU is among the first universities in the nation to conduct such a comprehensive and public review,” Kinzinger said on the record.

The congressman also entered the following statement by NIU Student Association President Joe Fraschillo into the record:

One of the most memorable days in a parent’s life is the one in which they send their child off to college. Parents can only hope the well-being of their child is in good hands.It is our duty as decision makers in the university community to make sure we have a safe environment for our students. This is why as President of the Northern Illinois University (NIU) Student Association, I reached out to groups across campus, from the NIU Police to our Health Enhancement Department, to collaborate on a White House-initiated campaign called ‘‘It’s On Us’’. The It’s On Us campaign mobilizes students and advocates for their awareness of responses to and prevention of campus sexual assaults, a pressing issue facing our nation today. I commend everyone involved with the campaign for making a positive change to our campus culture.

It is exceedingly important to note this student-led movement is the bottom-up companion to a top-down approach by the university administration. I recognize and applaud the efforts of NIU President Doug Baker and his administration for their proactive approach to addressing sexual assaults on campus, embodied in the work of the Presidential Task Force on Violence Against Women Act. This task force and the report created from it will play a crucial role in the health, safety and well-being of our students, faculty, staff and community members. It makes me a proud student to see NIU as one of the national leaders paving the way on such significant issues. Judging by the energy felt around campus, I believe my fellow students agree.
Northern Illinois University

Congressman Kinzinger represents the Sixteenth Congressional District of Illinois, which includes NIU, and indicated he looks forward to “continuing to work with NIU on our shared commitment to campus safety.”