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NIU psychology prof: What influences children raised by grandparents?

October 21, 2014

grandparentsIt’s not uncommon nowadays for grandparents to live with grandchildren, with many acting as full-time parents.

And that family arrangement can bring unique challenges, says Laura Pittman, an NIU professor of psychology.

Pittman blogs on the topic today on the Psychology Today website, examining questions related to how living in a grandparent-headed household influences a child’s well-being.

“While many children in grandparent-headed households may do fine, children living with grandparents are at risk for having more psychological problems than those living with traditional two-parent families,” Pittman says. “This is probably because of the negative circumstances that led to the household formation, for example poverty, adolescent parents or child maltreatment.”

Pittman goes on to suggest how schools and counselors can assist these families.

NIU psychology professors are regular Psychology Today contributors. They’ve been blogging monthly on the site for more than a year.

Laura Pittman

Laura Pittman

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