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Emergency steam tunnel repairs mean east campus steam outage

October 21, 2014

Steam TunnelNorthern Illinois University is preparing for an extended steam outage, tentatively scheduled for November 2-14.The extended steam outage is required for east campus in order to make the necessary emergency repairs in the main steam lines in the tunnels from the East Heating Plant to various buildings.

The focus of the repair is the replacement of a failed expansion joint and piping in the east tunnel system. The dates are dependent upon the new expansion joint being shipped as currently scheduled. The following buildings will have no domestic hot water or heat during this outage:

  • Davis Hall
  • Faraday Hall
  • Founders Library
  • LaTourette Hall
  • Lowden Hall
  • Montgomery Hall
  • Psychology/Computer Science Building

Hot WaterThe steam outage will affect the heating and potable water systems.

A temporary boiler and equipment will be installed in Montgomery Hall and Psychology/Computer Science Building during this outage. During the repairs, the goal is to maintain a temperature of 64 degrees in heated spaces. However, it is advised to prepare by dressing accordingly for personal comfort during this outage.

A limited number of approved portable space heaters will be made available for use on a loaner basis should they be needed. These units may be requested by calling Ken George at 753-0388.

It is recommended that those in affected buildings keep the draperies and shades on south-facing windows open during the day to allow the sunlight to enter and closed at night to reduce the chill that may be present from cold windows.