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President Baker answers town hall questions

September 10, 2014

Baker-town-hallAt the Aug. 20 all-campus Town Hall meeting, President Doug Baker took questions from the audience regarding a number of topics. Due to time constraints, he was not able to answer them all, and unanswered questions were taken with the promise of answering them in the near future.

Delivering on this commitment,  these questions and answers can now be found on President Baker’s website. The questions were posed not only during the Aug. 20 meeting, but also from the college town halls and other meetings Dr. Baker held across campus prior to the beginning of the semester. The responses contained within the town hall meeting follow-up cover the issues that have arisen most frequently during his appearances on campus.

Dr. Baker will continue to communicate on a regular basis across campus, and additional information arising from these meetings will be posted as needed.

Meanwhile, continued feedback is always welcome.