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Parenting a child with autism: resisting pressure, finding success

September 10, 2014
Christine Malecki

Christine Malecki

In a new Psychology Today blog, NIU professor Christine Malecki discusses the pressures faced by parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

“It breaks my heart thinking of parents of children severely affected by ASD who are doing as much as they can, yet see only small steps of progress,” the NIU psychology professor writes. “They have the added guilt-inducing pressure of hearing celebrities and news anchors talking about the ‘cure of the day’ for autism, with more doubts creeping in that, ‘Maybe we aren’t doing enough.’

“Parents of children with ASD must remember,” she adds, “that each individual’s journey is unique.”

Malecki speaks from experience. In addition to being director of the NIU’s School Psychology Program, she studies social support and peer relationships in children and adolescents and helps schools make changes to help students be more successful. She and her husband have three children, one of whom has an autism spectrum disorder.

NIU psychology professors are regular Psychology Today contributors. They’ve been blogging monthly on the site for more than a year.

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