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Guest Wi-Fi access expanded across campus

August 8, 2014

NIU Wi-Fi Zone logoDivision of Information Technology network engineers worked from 11 p.m. Thursday, July 31, until the early hours of Friday, Aug. 1, to add guest access to all 1,300 campus Wi-Fi access points.

As part of the Division’s decision to improve the campus Wi-Fi experience, the additional charge for guest access has been eliminated. Accounts that included the charge have been updated as of Aug. 1, when the work was completed.

Campus-wide guest access will prevent dropped connections as visitors move about the campus. Guests have free Internet access after agreeing to the NIU Wi-Fi Access Agreement.

Guest access is limited:

  • Information on Guest Wi-Fi Access is not secure or encrypted.
  • Traffic will be monitored and bandwidth will be constrained.
  • AnyConnect, used to connect to NIU’s virtual private network (VPN), will not be available.

If you have a Z-ID or AccountID, log in to protect your identity and the information you send and receive on NIU Wi-Fi. Students, faculty and staff must log in to NIU Wi-Fi to access campus systems.

“Guest access is not designed to create an incentive to bypass authenticated access,” said Jim Fatz, DoIT security architect. “Guest traffic will be continually monitored and certain types of Internet traffic will be constrained in order to provide reasonable access to general Internet services.”